It's Official: Truckee Meadows Air Is Now Unhealthy; Burn Code Is Red

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RENO, NV - Each day the Truckee Meadows has been trapped under a strong temperature inversion our area has gotten dirtier.

Now, health officials say it's reached the point where it's impacting our health.

Thursday, our air quality was still listed as "moderate", the burn code set at Yellow, meaning residents were asked to cut back or avoid, if possible, using fireplaces or wood burning stoves.

Friday, with the inversion still trapping pollutants in the valley, pollution levels reached the "unhealthy" range. The burn code is now Red. Lighting your fireplace or wood burning stove is, for the moment, illegal, unless it's your only source of heat and you've applied for and received a special permit.

The inversion and the restrictions are expected to last into Saturday night, when forecasters are predicting a low pressure system will move into our area, clearing the inversion and the pollution out.