Is Your Unemployment Filing Status Correct?

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RENO, NV - Nevada's unemployment report for January isn't expected to be released until March, but some filers are having trouble claiming benefits after changes last month.

Kevin Thomas had a series of temporary jobs over the past year, but when the last one ended in November, he filed for unemployment a month later. He says he was getting confirmation that everything was fine, but it wasn't. "They had their automated message saying their system was going to go off on December 28th, and when I called to ask about that, what I needed to do, they told me to just keep reapplying, and reapplying and I just did that," he says.

Kevin didn't realize he was applying for Emergency Unemployment Compensation; a program that ended January 1st after Congress chose not to fund the program for extended benefits. Although a notice that benefits would end is posted on Nevada's Unemployment Insurance website, he says he did not get the notice he should have received in the mail.

He says when he finally contacted the right person, the fix was easy. "The whole call itself lasted maybe 7 minutes. The guy was very polite. he got it set up for me right away." Kevin may not be alone, if you're applying for benefits, you want to make sure that you're doing so based off the last job that you held.

Meanwhile, despite the 17-thousand who termed out of extended benefits last month - the department of employment training and rehabilitation says they have *not seen an increase in foot traffic this month.