Investigation Uncovers Murder Conspiracy

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Reno, NV - The Regional Gang unit says an arrest made Tuesday September 18th, helped to uncover a murder conspiracy. Now, two additional men are behind bars for planning to kill a rival gang member.

Ivan Munera and Osvaldo Morales, arrested Monday in a traffic stop.

Leon Munera was already in jail, arrested one week ago for carjacking a person on September 15th at a trailer park on Pyramid Way.

That incident spurred a SWAT standoff, subsequent manhunt and the brief evacuation of the Fourth and Wells Avenue area.

While the Gang Unit was investigating that carjacking along with two other shootings, officers uncovered a plot to kill another local gang member over a drug debt.

Ivan Munera and Morales were in posession of three handguns, ammo and drugs when they were caught during this week's traffic stop.

A woman was driving the car, and at this point her involvement isn't clear and she is also being investigated. Her two children were also in the car.

The three men are facing conspiracy to commit murder charges, among others.

Their bail ranges from $65,500-$105,000.