International Bookmaker Updates Presidential Election Odds

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William Hill, one of the largest bookmakers in the world has just updated its odds for the Presidential election. Here is their press release:

Following Tuesday’s second debate between U.S. President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney, British bookmaker William Hill has adjusted the odds overseas on the election.

President Obama’s improved performance from the first debate resulted in him going from a 4:9 favorite to a 2:5 favorite. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney bumped from a 7:4 underdog to an even 2:1 to win the Nov. 6 election.

“The consensus of opinion seems to be that Barack Obama may not have won the 2nd debate against Mitt Romney but that neither did he lose it, and punters have taken that as a signal to back him again after a couple of weeks during which the momentum had swung towards the challenger,” said William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe.

REMINDER: These odds are not available for wagering in the United States, only overseas.