Injured Clydesdale Rescued After Canyon Fall

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CARSON CITY, NV - The owner of a Clydesdale that fell down a canyon and into a creek says she didn't think her horse was going to make it.

It took rescue workers in Carson City about eight hours to save the 2,200 lb. animal Sunday. Officials say the owner was riding the Clydesdale on the Waterfall Trailhead when the horse turned and tumbled, falling into the icy creek below. Since the animal was injured, crews couldn't get it to stand up right. They ended up using plastic boards and creating a pulley system to slide the animal down the creek and to dry land.

"I'm just really grateful to all the rescue people that helped and hung in there for all the hours we were up here," says Sandy McMahon, the Clydesdale's owner. "I can't thank them enough."

It took about two dozen people from several agencies, including the Carson City Fire Department and Carson City Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue, to rescue the Clydesdale.