Increased Security at Street Vibrations Also More Visible

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RENO, NV - The first is immediately evident. There's more security. In fact, police officers and private security seem to be everywhere.

That's exactly the effect organizers and Reno Police have been planning for, but there's more to it than that.

Local law enforcement as well as hotel security spent some time in the past year, studying not only what went wrong here, but how another Nevada community responded to a similar event.

In 2002, a shootout between the Hells Angels and the Mongols in Laughlin left three dead and that town wondering how to save their event. There was a ban on biker colors, but also a tactical plan.

Applied here, it's meant dividing the venue and the city into specific areas and assigning teams, of both the police department and private security to those areas.

Lt. Amy Newman, the Reno Police officer in charge of this special event's security says so far it seems to be working.

Those we've talked with at the event agree. They're having fun and they feel safe.