IRS Warns Public of Aggressive Telephone Scam

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RENO, NV - The IRS is warning consumers to be on guard against "sophisticated and aggressive" phone scams that are targeting taxpayers and recent immigrants.

The IRS says this scam continues to rise nationwide, as reported incidents increase. They say it is likely this scam won't end with the filing season, so everyone is reminded to stay on guard.

Potential victims receive a phone call with the caller saying they're either entitled to a big refund, or that they owe money that must be paid immediately to the IRS, according to the IRS. If the caller is unsuccessful the first time, they may call back with a new strategy.

The scam includes threatening potential victims with deportation, arrests, having their utilities shut off, or having their driver's license revoked, according to the IRS.

The IRS says callers insult and become hostile to potential victims.

The IRS says it will always send taxpayers a written notification of any tax due via the U.S. mail. The IRS never asks for credit card, debit card or prepaid card information over the telephone. For more information or to report a scam, go to and type "scam" in the search box.