IHOP Shooting Documents: Unsealed

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Carson City, NV - Detectives knew just hours after they found bodies at the Carson City IHOP last Tuesday, the man accused of pulling the trigger was a diagnosed schizophrenic. And they wanted to search 32-year-old Eduardo Sencion's home for any medication or clues to his motive.

That's according to court documents just unsealed today. The Carson City District Attorney's Office made DVD copies of detectives asking for search warrants for two Carson City homes Eduardo Sencion had lived in - after they learned from his family, he had a history of mental illness.

The DVD reveals that not long after gunfire broke out at the IHOP in Carson City on September 6, detectives showed up at a home at 2040 Jodi Lane. It's where the accused shooter's minivan was registered. It's where deputies spoke to Eduardo Sencion's sister-in-law.

"She indicated that Eduardo was a diagnosed schitzophrenic and that he was taking medication for that," says Sgt. Mark Munoz, of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives also learned that Sencion had moved six months earlier to a home at 1563 Truckee Drive, to live with his parents. When authorities knocked on the door to check on them...

"In plain view, they located boxes upon boxes of additional ammo that would be suited for an SKS or AK style rifle. They also located... additional firearms inside the residence," Det. Dave LeGros, of the Carson City Sheriff's Office.

That's what brought investigators to a judge later that day. As the court video just released shows, the detectives were requesting search warrants for both homes as well as Sencion's silver Nissan truck and the blue minivan he had driven to the IHOP that morning. Later, they would find three weapons at the scene: a pistol and two rifles, including that version of an AK-47 deputies say Sencion had used in the shooting that left five people dead, including himself.

"He was laying on his back with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head," says Det. LeGros.

And inside the two homes, detectives were hoping to hoping to uncover some insight as to why... or anything else to help their case.

"We're looking for additional guns, ammo, matching the same type weapons used. We're also looking for notes, connecting the shooter to the guns he has or any other reason for this occurrence," says Det. LeGros.

The judge granted the search warrants, but authorities have not yet released details of what they actually found in the search.