I-80 Corridor Almost Complete

RENO, NV - A year and three months ago, Nevada's Department of Transportation took us on a tour of just what improvements they were slated to make on the Interstate 80 Corridor

They talked about ramp closures, lanes changes and lower speed limits.

Some drivers took the advise and made some decisions.

“The construction has been pretty heavy so I've tried to avoid it,” says Briscoe Sanderson, one driver we talked to.

Other drivers took the route--and had to watch out for the other guy.

“At the end of February I got high speed rear ended on I-80 heading, I think it was east bound right under the Wells Bridge,” says Katherine Dew another driver in the area.

NDOT can't promise such accidents won't happen again, what they do say, those lane changes, lower speed limits and on-off ramp closures are a thing of the past on I-80.

Road barriers have been removed and so have the cones.

NDOT says there is some fine tuning to the roadway that will be be going on until the end of November.

Travel time signs aren't working yet, neither are the above roadway advisory signs.

Crews are still installing them.

They are also working on landscaping the corridor, that too will take the better part of the month.

The improvements could be completed sooner, weather will have an impact on the deadlines.

According to NDOT the improvements should have a minimal impact on the I-80 corridor as much of the activity will go on at night.