Humane Society Easter Egg Hunt Draws Large Crowd

RENO, Nev. Chicks, ducks and bunnies are always popular this time of year, and while they can make good pets, the Nevada Humane Society is encouraging you to take home a more traditional companion this Easter.

The first ever Easter egg hunt at the Nevada Humane Society drew lots of attention. Hundreds of families attended the event- some looking for a friendly event, others for a friendly pet.

"As you can see a big turn out," J'neal Hachquet, events manager for the Humane Society said. "Lots and lots of kids excited to hunt for eggs and visit with the animals that we have up for adoption."

The turnout was bigger than expected. The 1500 eggs were snatched up almost as soon as the hunt began.

But parents say the day was still a success.

"Absolutely, absolutely, because we like looking at the animals also," Heidi Picetti, who came with her girls said.

"It's still fun for the kids, Joseph Hammond said. "We get to see some of the dogs and I'm sure she's going to want to adopt one before we leave."

Even before the hunt began, many families coming in early to check out some potential new family members- like a cat named Robin who was adopted early in the day.

"We wanted to adopt a cat for the kids, because they've been begging daddy for forever, and he finally gave in," Winter Joy Kinsley said.

"That's really what's important here," Hachquet said. "We want a chance to get people introduced and getting to know some of these animals we have here.

The Humane Society hopes to make the hunt an annual event. 33 animals were adopted out- 18 dogs, 12 cats and 3 bunnies.