How do the Campaigns Find You?

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RENO, NV -- Life in a swing state means a lot of campaign mail, phone calls and people showing up on your door step. Largely, the campaigns are using public voter information to contact you.

Mildred Rose said she has been receiving campaign mail "by the cartloads."

When you vote, as well as whether you voted on election day or during early voting, is public information.

"I know people are wondering: 'how do they know that I voted already?' That is information that is public," Luanne Cutler, senior deputy registrar in Washoe County, said. Cutler said the information is updated every day during early voting.

If you are registered with a party, it is also public information. However, who you vote for is confidential. "Even us in the elections department, we don't know how a person voted," Cutler said.

Cutler said you can limit what information is available about you. She said it is not necessary that you provide a phone number when filling out a voter registration form. She also said voters may fill out a form to keep their phone number and address from being released. The form is linked on KOLO's Hot Topics page.