How Your Family Can Prepare For A Disaster

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RENO, NV.--The two recent tragedies in Boston and Texas are reminders a disaster of any kind can happen anywhere when least expected.

There are easy ways you and your family can be prepared.

Experts say time and preparation are the two most important things during a disaster. The more prepared you are, the more time is on your side.

The Red Star Society of the United States says it's important to have an out-of-state contact. They say it's important for everyone in your family to know that contact. During the Boston tragedy, people had a hard time getting in touch with family members. If you're able to get in touch with this out-of-state contact, make them the central contact point other family members can get information from.

Also, make sure you have all of the important information with you about your family members. For example, social security numbers, date of birth, blood type, etc.

Always have a meeting place. If a disaster happens while you're at work and your kids at school, tell them where to meet you. It can be at your work place or their school. Also do this when you go out of town.

If a disaster happens at your home and you're trapped, stay in one place. If you can, leave some sort of note for first responders. Keep things like sharpies, pen and paper in every room. You can use this to leave notes.

The American Red Cross recommends educating yourself on what type of disasters could happen in your community.

Also, if you live around a plant, know what is made there, and if anything there could lead to an explosion.

The Red Cross also recommends having a family disaster plan, and practice it. If something happens while your at work and your kids at school, where would you meet? How would you get in touch with each other?

Make sure someone in your family knows CPR.

Keep a box handy with all important documents. Make sure it's light enough so you can grab it and run if needed.

There were several scams triggered by the bombings at the Boston Marathon, the same could happen in Texas. If you are making a donation, make sure the organization is credible.