How Safe Is Your NV Healthlink Information?

RENO, NV - According to the National Review, about 8 facilitators who received insurance division certification had some sort of self-reported or legal problems that could have gone back to the 1980s.

The insurance division says it was fully aware of these 8 people and certified them after a several-layer review process.

All of this started back in November when the National Review asked for names and criminal background reports of facilitators, and went to court to get them.

In February, Judge James Wilson ruled in favor of the National Review and ordered Nevada's Insurance Division to hand over the 4,000 pages of records concerning the 265 certified exchange enrollment facilitators--with a caveat.

The names and other personal information of the facilitators could not be disclosed.

Nevada's Division of Insurance says while records may show an arrest or conviction that could prevent a person from receiving certification, it may not be the only criteria.

“The licensing staff would have looked it over, looked at the guidelines if there are questions and concerns--elevated it to the next round of review which was through the supervisor. And if need be, put it in front of the review committee. When did it happen? Have they been rehabilitated? So yes there is a lot of elements. The totality of the circumstances, as they say in law, to see if this is the type of person we can trust to work with the public,” says attorney for the division Alixia Emmermann.

As enrollments have bloomed, the number of certified navigators has as well; there are now 330 working in the state.

To date there have been no formal complaints or informal concern filed with the division.

In some states, people have tried to pass themselves off as certified and qualified facilitators in hopes of getting customers' personal information to use for illegal purposes.

But here in Nevada there have been no incidents of such activity, in part, the division says, because of its stringent certification process.

“We have federal and state statutes that define an unsuitable person and so we look at the statutes, we look at the application and we take all the factors into consideration. We would never issue a license to someone who isn't suitable,” says Jake Sunderland with the Insurance Division.

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