Horse Rescue Hopes To Take Over Care Of 31 Seized Horses

FALLON, NV - A horse rescue operation out of Wells, Nevada is hoping to gain custody of 31 horses seized from a Churchill County property two weeks ago. Wednesday, the Justice of the Peace in Fallon ruled the Northeastern Nevada Equine rescue can take the horses, if it pays for the vet bills and board.

Deanna Tierney drove all the way from Wells on Thursday to Fallon in hopes of taking home at least some of the 31 horses seized from a Churchill County woman earlier this month.

“From the first time I saw your report and I saw the case of abuse and neglect, I just put my name in with the court clerk,” says Tierney when asked why she wanted to get involved.

The horses in question are currently at the Fallon Livestock Exchange, where they are being cared for.

Churchill County Sheriff Ben Trotter says at the time of seizure, the horses were malnourished, and many have feet that have grown out to such an extent, they have trouble walking.

Tierney says she's had experience with these kinds of health problems before.

“Wth the really bad slipper feet, we are looking at a good year to correct that,” says Tierney

She says she has farriers who will help her, and local veterinarians who will check the horses' teeth, vaccines, and any other needs the horses may have.

The sheriff's office says criminal charges are pending against the former owner of the horses, Dorothy Robertson.

Tierney says she eventually hopes to put the animals up for adoption.

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