Horse Neglect Case Goes To Trial

"Deprived a bay stud, white underside, of substance, food or drink or neglected or refused to furnish such substance or drink. Do you understand that charge?" asked Justice of the Peace Mike Richards as he read off each count to defendant Dorothy Robertson, per her request

Robertson told the court the description of the horses on the criminal complaint was so vague she couldn't tell if the horses were on her property or not.

That's when Judge Richards told her she could take that issue up with her defense attorney.

Robertson told the court she had no money for an attorney, and wanted one appointed to her.

She said she drove a cab the previous night and earned $30.

She told the court she had no stocks, no bonds, no real estate holdings.

All she has she says is a truck.

That request was granted.

34 horses are part of the criminal complaint.

Some of them were underweight, others with feet so bad they could barely walk.

Churchill County Sherrff's Office seized the horses from Robertson's residence on 3594 Hillsboro Boulevard.

The complaint said some of the horses were so confined they could barely move.

At the time Sheriff Ben Trotter was adamant about animal abuse and neglect cases in his county

"We are taking a very assertive approach to animal cruelty cases in Churchill County at this point, said the Sheriff.

Robertson declined to talk on camera about the 34 misdemeanors she faces, as did Deputy D.A Lane Mills who said his office does not comment on pending cases

The horses taken from Robertson's property on September 6th have since been moved to a horse rescue in Wells, Nevada.

The judge took them out of Robertson's possession at a previous hearing.

Robertson's trial is set for December 28th.