Horror Flick Being Filmed in Reno

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RENO -- While we’ve just spent the evening celebrating the greatest in filmmaking, a local man is hoping to get his big break. And the first step is already well underway. With his screenplay getting picked up by a production company. KOLO 8 News Now went behind the scenes during the very first nights of shooting here in Reno.

It all started in the garage of a Verdi home. Hollywood makeup artist Michael Cypher spends hours transforming actress Tressie Kincannon into The Rake.

“The creature is called The Rake. And that's the name of the film,” says screenwriter and director Dallas Debard. “This is my first major screenplay that I've written and had picked up from somebody.”

The Reno native wrote the screenplay more than a year ago, based off a character found on horror websites. Yes, it’s a horror film.

Steven Brown is the president of Southern California’s Arterius Productions, the company which picked up Debard’s script.

“The Rake is a creature. It is something that, I guess you could say it haunts people, it stalks people, and it does terrible things to them," Brown says. “We're kind of changing things a little bit, and we're making it a psychological creature. So people can kind of apply, is it real, is it not real, so it leaves that kind of suspense factor.”

While we can show you what the actress looks like before, and the process of makeup, once she is in full Rake costume, you won’t see the final result in order to keep the creature a secret.

After half a day working on makeup, overnight the crew starts filming a key scene between the Rake, and the main character played by Matt True. On day two of shooting, this time in the North Valleys, you can see Matt looks a little better. That’s because this scene is one of the first in the movie.

And everybody on set is local except for actors Matt and Tressie.

Steve says while he’s heard of Nevada’s new law which, as of January first, allows tax credits up to $20 million per production, that’s not why he chose Reno for the Rake’s location, “No, it was more location than it was law.”

After all, Dallas says, there are so many great locations around northern Nevada, “Lake Tahoe a half hour drive away. You can get nice desert looking scenes, there's old abandoned buildings, really cool looking horror locations, but at the same time you can go downtown and get in the city nice looking scenes.”

And these two days of hard work, for about 60 seconds of air time.

“We're shooting a trailer, so that we can show people that we have the capability to actually create the film,” Steve says.

“It's really expensive to do full makeup and get all the right cameras and everything that we need. So we're going to be going to crowd funding,” Debard says that crowd funding will be on website indiegogo. “Our goal with the crowd funding is to basically get our name out there, and say 'This is what we're doing. This is going to be really cool.' We want support.”