Holiday Heroes Salute At VA Medical Center

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RENO, NV.--A Holiday Heroes Salute was held Friday morning at the VA Medical Center on Kirman Street.

The special salute and ceremony is to honor veterans and Nevadans in uniform all over the world during the holiday season.

A World War II Veteran was also honored at the ceremony. Walter Dickerman's plane was shot down over Northern France in December of 1943. Dickerman was 19 at the time. He was able to avoid capture for two months. Dickerman swam in the frozen Rhine River, eventually linking up with the French Underground and safely escaping to England.

Many people at today's ceremony shook hands with Dickerman and thanked him for his service.

His wife, daughter and granddaughters were at this side while he looked at pictures from World War II.

"It's kind of touching, you want to cry, it's emotional to see someone like him related to me, he's my hero," says Sakara Ferrebbe, Dickerman's granddaughter.

There was also a presentation of a symbolic holiday wreath dedicated to soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen deployed around the world.