Hoarded Animals On The Mend

The black short-hair female cat is just one of fifteen cats taken from the home of Ronnie Bandoni Wednesday in Sparks.

Along with the 8 short-hair cats, there are 7 Siamese being fed, given water, and medically treated if needed, in a room set aside for them.

They are the lucky few.

Animal Control workers say when they went to the home on Merchant Street it was at the request of a neighbor who believed he smelled a dead body coming from Bandoni's home.

Inside the garage, rabbits nearly one hundred of them, half dead in cages. 43 rabbits survived.

“The staff stayed until almost 10 o'clock last night to ensure the animals were medically checked up, groomed, nails clipped, and properly housed,” says Barry Brode with Washoe County Animal Control Services.

Also in the house: three dogs.

Apa Lapsos, they need to be washed, clipped and groomed.

But first they need a break from being placed into new surroundings.

The defendant in this case, Ronnie Bandoni, faces four felony charges for animal cruelty and is being held in Washoe County Jail.

By law, they are still his animals, however he could sign ownership over to the county, or the courts could take that ownership from him.

If either of those two things happen, these animals can be adopted out to what should be a better life.

Animal Control says it has plenty of food for the animals taken in from Merchant Street.

Caretakers have one special request: the bunnies love carrots, but because of their size, they ask carrot donations be the baby carrot size.