Historic Virginia City Homes Relocated

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VIRGINIA CITY, NV - Nearly 100-year-old homes, uprooted from their foundations and traveling down the narrow, winding streets of the Comstock. 4 homes owned by Storey County are being relocated to allow for a new parking lot and outdoor venue next to the courthouse. This isn't the first time the homes have changed location. "The were moved up here about 1935, and they were originally labor camp houses," explains Senior Planner Austin Osbourne.

In recent years, the buildings were rental homes. Recently they were sold at public auction, but buyers had to agree to two rules. First; the homes could not be demolished. Second, they had to remain on the Comstock. Two of the homes were purchased by Comstock Mining, which will return them to their original location in American Flats. They will be used as administrative buildings. The oldest, a white Victorian home, was moved to the Silver Terrace Cemeteries where it will be used as a visitor center. The remaining home was purchased by a private buyer, and it will be moved to their property in Virginia City.

The two remaining homes are expected to be moved within the next 30 days. When the area is clear, work will begin to prepare it for a parking lot that will accommodate more than 70 cars. Goals for the project include design details that blued with the historical feel of the city, along with the ability to use space for a Farmer's Market or other outdoor events. That project may not be complete until next spring.