Hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail

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TAHOE CITY, Calif.--A trail 165-miles long surrounds Lake Tahoe. It's a stunning path with blooming wildflowers and breathtaking vistas, and right now a challenge. Can you hike it all?

If you're going to go for a hike there is no better place to do it than around Lake Tahoe.

"There is nothing as beautiful as this. There just isn't. This is unbelievable," said Ed Deschamps, a hiker on the trail.

Right now, there's a chance to take in that beauty. The Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge.

"We thought, lets make a program that encourages folks to go out and check out our really prime day hikes," said Mary Bennington, Executive Director of the Tahoe Rim Trail Association.

Six hikes ranging from 2 to 12 miles follow different parts of the trail, the challenge is to complete them all.

"Our trail challenge encourages people to check out different places because our hikes we have picked out are in all different areas of the lake," said Bennington.

The terrain varies all across the Tahoe Rim Trail but no matter what, there is a great payoff at the end. Beautiful views of Lake Tahoe.

"I logged 480 last year," said Phillip Gregory.

That's 480 miles. Gregory Hikes the trail 3-4 times a week. He doesn't just hike a short section. He hikes the entire 165 mile trail. He has been doing it for years.

"It has just gotten better. Every year it gets better. Its unbelievable. People do not realize it," said Gregory.

The trail is so well loved because it has people taking care of it. They were hard at work Saturday, ensuring everything is perfect for hiking season.

"We have about 500-1000 volunteers every year that give us a whole bunch of time," said Bennington.

Whether it's clearing downed trees or smoothing out paths, they do whatever it takes to keep the area beautiful, so the rest of us can enjoy it.

The trail is free and open to the public but if you are interested in supporting the improvement and restoration efforts, you can become a member of the Tahoe Rim Trail Association.