High School Students Leave Reno for Presidential Inauguration

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RENO, NV - You could feel the excitement at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport as 60 Damonte Ranch High School students started walking to their gate. They were eager to get started on the trip they had been looking forward to for months.

"We're going to DC!" Sabrina Tonino, a Damonte Ranch High School junior said. "We're going for the Inauguration. For Obama."

It's an opportunity few people get, especially at their age.

"How many people get to go to Inauguration at 16, 17. Not that many people. So i'm really excited," said Heather Lewis, who was also going on the trip. "So this should be interesting. I'm excited."

"I've seen it on TV and I've just always wanted to see it in person," said Alyssa Aldridge, a Damonte High School senior.

The students' teacher, Chad Sawyer, was instrumental in making the trip happen. He says it will be a life-changing experience for the students.

The large group took off for Washington, D.C. early Friday morning and plan to do some sightseeing as well when they are there. They will return Tuesday night.