Helping the Homeless in Reno's Backyard

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A hot meal. A warm pair of clothes. Things taken for granted by many northern Nevadans, but not for our area's homeless population. On a cool November night behind the Reno Aces ballpark, a couple hundred of them got both thanks to Gordon's Backyard Barbeque and Catering and the Loving Hearts Club. The club co-founders were both homeless at one time and can relate.

"We see more and more people come out who are not chronic homeless people. They are good people who have worked hard all their lives and bad things have happened," says Loving Hearts Club co-founder Billy Woods.

"People are still people whether they're homeless or they need something at the time, or they're caught between jobs," says Loving Hearts Club co-founder Karmin Robbins.

Today was nothing new for Billy, Karmin and company. They've been serving almost every Sunday for the past 3 years. it's a service that's greatly appreciated by those that need it.

"We've got a free hot meal which everyone appreciate this, them doing this. They do it out of their own free will," says homeless man Don "Pops" Kowatschitsch.

"These people, the Loving Hearts Club. They're stepping up and they're not just pushing it under the carpet, it's really cool," says volunteer JJ.

Recently the club has seen a big boost in help. Their volunteer force has grown from four last year to 40+ on Sunday night and any age is welcome.

"My favorite part about helping is I like to see everybody getting food instead of starving," says volunteer Morgan Hackbarth.

The Loving Hearts Club doesn't currently accept monetary donations. However, if you'd like to donate clothes, food, or your time as a volunteer, contact: (775) 287-7105.