Helping From The Heart

sierra job corps hands out its first helping awards

Sierra Nevada Job Corps has made it official. Veterans Guest House along with the Food Bank of Northern Nevada are the first non-profits to benefit from the Corps' helping from the heart program.

Anthony Shade was there Wednesday. A student with some remodeling experience, he says he knows there are things he can do to help out the Veterans' Guest House.

“The skills I have I can lay carpet, tile, roofing, dry wall, help build stuff, repair things,” says Shade.

And that's really the idea behind the nonprofit adoption program. Sierra Nevada Job Corps trains students in skills that translate into the real world.

Noreen Leary with the Veterans Guest House says she already put them to work.

“The main project we are going to have to do in this house because its 8 years old is, we need to do a paint job,” says Leary.

“I work at the Food Bank almost every month at least,” Bradly Barbant, a student at the Sierra Nevada Job Corps.

Branbant says he's been training to be welder and doesn't know if that skill will translate with the two non-profits, but that doesn't matter, he says just helping with the day-to-day operations at the Food Bank is rewarding enough.

“We have a lot of people that come out and help us at the food bank a lot of groups that volunteer. Job Corps is the number one group that comes out,” says Jocelyn Lanthrip with the Northern Nevada Food Bank.

Job Corps students will be at the Veterans Guest House as well as the Food Bank of Northern Nevada a couple of times a month, in all about two-hundred students will volunteer their time in the next which point they'll selected an additional two more non profits to help out the following year.