Help for Seniors Living with Dementia

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RENO, NV - May is "Older Americans" Month, a time to show seniors in our community how much they mean to us. There's no better way to do that than to keep them safe. Two new programs coming to our area focus on helping elderly people living with dementia.

Online neighborhood watch site Alert ID has released a program called "my Family Wallet". From your computer or smart phone, you can create a profile, including a picture of your elderly relatives. If they go missing, you simply broadcast an alert that will notify neighbors on the site. Founder Keli Wilson tells KOLO 8 you can even email that profile to authorities so they can assist with the search more effectively.

Deputy Sheriff Sean Marston estimates the Washoe County Sheriff's Office helps search for missing dementia sufferers at least 30 times per year, and he says even more go unreported. He says quick action can be the difference between life and death.

As more baby boomers enter their golden years, community agencies working with the Kids to Seniors Corner, including WCSO, are investing in Care Track Systems. Seniors with dementia will be eligible to get a locking wristband with a transmitter which will allow authorities to track them with a radio device. The program is expected to be available in our area this summer.

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