Help For Families in Need

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The Salvation Army helped local families in need Thursday morning, handing out boxes of supplies at a rate of nearly 200 per hour. They partnered with the non-profit group Feed the Children to provide 800 boxes of food and hygiene items to pre-qualified, low income families. Organizers say the boxed items should provide about a week's worth of help.

With a government shutdown this week, concern has grown that food programs like WIC could be the target of federal cuts. A spokesperson for Nevada's Department of Health and Human Services says local programs have funding at least through the end of October.

Meanwhile, Major Michael Zielinski of the Salvation Army says they've been experiencing cuts in funding, amid growing need for a while now. "Not only have there been cuts in WIC, but there have been cuts in food stamps as well," he says. "We see cuts where an individual may have been receiving $210 a month roughly, is now getting 189 dollars a month. While it may not seem like a lot on the surface, you start to divide it out over a month, it really is a lot." Zielinski says because of economic factors such as the number of people who can only get part-time work, need does continues to increase every month. However, he feels has slowed in recent months, growing at a rate of 30% each month instead of 50%.