Heller: President’s Tax Plan Will Hurt Nevada

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(Washington, DC) – Today U.S. Congressman Dean Heller made the following statement on President Barack Obama’s visit to Reno.

“Nevada leads the nation in unemployment, and the President comes to Reno to announce his multi-trillion dollar tax increase which will impact small businesses across our state. Make no mistake; the President’s tax plan will hurt Nevada. Just as massive government spending has not helped create jobs, neither will massive tax increases. Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. The downgrade of our nation’s long-term credit rating is a clear indicator that the national debt and government spending must be addressed in a way that will not negatively impact job growth.

“Last week I voted for a budget that takes concrete steps toward getting our nation’s fiscal house in order by decreasing government spending, creating jobs, and protecting Medicare for current recipients and future generations. Unfortunately, this plan was met with demagoguery and political grandstanding instead of an honest discussion about our nation’s very serious debt problem. Instead of hitting the campaign trail, the President should work with Congress to bring government spending to sustainable levels,” said Heller.