Heavenly Plans New Activities for Summer Visitors

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LAKE TAHOE -- Heavenly Lake Tahoe is unveiling plans for big upgrades aimed at drawing summer-time tourists. According to the ski resort, the plans include several zip lines, a new observation tower, two rope courses, new trails, and a mountain bike park.

"We're very excited to unveil this really complete offering of activities we think will keep people interested for one day or a few days," Pete Sonntag, vice president and general manager at Heavenly said.

Sonntag declined to specify how much is being spend on the upgrades. The resort stated that the first phase of improvements could be done by winter, with the projects completed by summer of 2016.

The resort is already known for its gondola ride to the top of the mountain, and officials said the new activities will add to what summer tourists can experience. Currently, there are shops and eateries on the mountain for tourists to enjoy. A rock climbing wall is already at the mountain's peak, however Heavenly said a larger wall is envisioned.

The impact of the upgrades on the environment must still be reviewed, and governmental agencies must still agree to the plans.