Health Care Scams

If you or your small business doesn't have health insurance, that may all change once exchanges go into effect.

The exchanges will be able to offer you a choice of different certified insurance plans and provide you information about what plan would be best for you.

But there is one important thing to remember.

“If any website or person that calls you and asks for personal information before October 1st, that's not us,” says Jon Hager with the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange.

That's important date to remember, as currently around the country scammers are making phone calls to seniors and others encouraging them to sign up for health programs now and asking for Social Security numbers and even bank transfer identification.

Some have even set up bogus websites that profess to be part of health insurance exchanges but are not.

Nevada's Silver State Health Exchange says beginning mid-June they'll start the Nevada Health Link campaign which will direct consumers to the state-run program--which should help clear up any confusion residents have about the health care insurance exchanges.

Once underway you may sign up for insurance through the state run website, a call center or there will also be locations where you can go to in person to meet with someone and sign up in person.

“If anyone feels comfortable about somebody reaching out to them asking for a phone number and call them back. Check it out on the website make sure it's a legitimate website before you give them a bunch of information,” says Hager.

This summer those involved in the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange will be canvassing neighborhoods, handing out information about the program.

They too will have proper identification to let you know who they are and what they represent.