Have You Noticed Gas Prices Climbing Again?

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Reno, NV - It's hard to just stand back and watch the numbers keep going up. But it's what drivers around the nation have to do now that prices at the pump are rising again.

"It went woosh! Real quick!" says Jennifer Aldous, a Reno driver.

"This one right behind me jumped 14 cents in just the last few days," says Billy Howard, a Reno resident, pointing to the Smith's gas station behind him.

He's not exaggerating. Just overnight, prices in Reno climbed four cents a gallon. The average price in town is $3.51 for regular unleaded.

"It's a big deal to me," says Aldous. "I was hoping we were going to get back down below Three dollars, so I was a little upset to see that. Like I said, I drive a lot."

AAA expects prices to increase steadily in February as many refineries temporarily close for scheduled maintenance. And as the industry starts the process of switching over to summer blends of gasoline.

One year ago, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded was $3.58 and AAA expects we will hit that price again soon. The region with the highest gas prices is the Northeast, since local production and supplies still have not recovered from Hurricane Sandy. In New York, the average price of gas is $3.82.