Haunted Houses are a Hit in Northern Nevada

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RENO, Nev. -- The casts and crews of area haunted houses are putting in extra hours this weekend. They're expected to scare thousands of people during the last remaining days before Halloween.

A line started forming more than an hour before the gates opened at Frightmare at Legends in Sparks Friday night. Those in front were starting to get a little anxious. Some kids anticipated they would be "scared!" Another described it as, "Adrenaline! ...because I think it's going to be scary."

The waiting alone was fun for first times who said they were a "little anxious... the wolf guy's pretty cool," and "I got a high five from the clown! That's awesome!" It was also fun for Frightmare veterans. "[I'm] a little scared because I remember from last year, but it'll be fun."

Cheers quickly turned to screams once the doors opened. Frightmare is the region's largest haunted house-style attraction. Frightmare Manager Scott Seidenstricker tells KOLO 8 News Now, "We have the haunted house... the black hole, and the maze this year."

Seidenstricker says there is a lot of preparation involved. "It takes about a month to build. We have a cast of about 50 its the largest performance cast. And we have people coming back year after year."

And judging by the screams, he may be right when he said, "I think we have very high customer satisfaction."