Handyman Gets His Hands on Senior's Valuables

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FERNLEY -- A woman who was approached in her yard by a so-called handyman, never envisioned she would be the victim of a crime.

Mary Jo Higgins of Fernley said she agreed to have the man perform chores around her home, and clean up her yard.

"He came in (from the yard) about noon and said he was hungry would I go to subway and get him a sandwich... that was to get me out of the house," Higgins said.

Higgins said when she returned home, the handyman took the sandwich, made the excuse he needed to go get supplies, then left. She said he didn't return. Then, she noticed items missing from her home, including: valuable coins, bonds and jewelry.

"There was a little fireproof safe that had jewelry, papers all kinds of stuff -- that was gone," she said.

Higgins also said personal items that were stored in the safe were taken. The items included: family photos, social security cards, her marriage certificate, the last letter her father wrote to her, her husband's death certificate, and her husband's awards from his 27 years as a Greyhound driver.

"I got took," she said.

Higgins filed a report with the Lyon County Sheriff's Office, and said she wants to let others know about the handyman.

Higgins said the man is about 220 pounds, 6'2' and white. She said he was driving a silver sedan with Arizona plates.