Half of NV Nat'l Guard Shuts Down with Gov't

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RENO, NV-- With the House and Senate not comng to a deal before midnight Eastern time, the federal government has run out of money; leading to a series of effects nationwide. Here at home, some won't notice the changes and others may find them devastating.

Active members are the lucky ones on the Nevada Guard base; they will be able to stay at work, even with the feds not making a deal.

But more than 50-percent of the full-time staff is not active. They're federal technicians, and that means they're paid from a different piggy-bank than the active folks. These federal technicians were furloughed one day a week earlier this year because of sequestration. This time the effect will be more wide-reaching.

"If a government shutdown happens and a resultant furlough takes effect, then those folks will not be showing up to work at all and they will also not be getting paid at all," said Major Dennis Fournier with the Nevada National Guard.

Losing this staff is a big deal for the guard; the federal technicians account for about 530 guard employees. All of their work will be handed over to the active guardsmen. That means less than half the staff will be doing 100% of the work

We're told they'll be able to make things run smoothly for a while, but the longer the shutdown goes on, the more problems it will create.