H1N1 Strain of Flu Deadly in Washoe County

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RENO, NV - KOLO 8 News Now has learned more than a dozen people died within a seven-day period, and the contributing factor was the flu.

Phil Ulibarry with the Washoe County Health Department says while we have had flu-related deaths this season, they appear on par with the norm so far this season. The health department's most recent flu report indicates that during the 51st week of 2013, 14 death certificates were issued in the county, listing pneumonia or influenza as a contributing factor to death.

Ulibarry continues to say this year's most prevalent strain of the flu is H1N1, which tends to hit a younger population then usual. He says patients hardest hit by the swine flu tend to be between 30 and 50 years old. Ulibarry says one of the Washoe County deaths is a person in that younger age group.