Gym Gathers Donations for Joplin Family with Ties to Reno

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RENO, NV - Shane and Linn Pinjuv were inside their Joplin Missouri home with two of their children, when the tornado ripped their house apart. They took shelter in two closets.

"It was very traumatic, actually. All the thoughts in my mind: am i going to live, are my kids ok? And one of the biggest things that hit me, was, did i put my children in the right closet," said Shane Pinjuv.

They all survived, but their home did not. Their brand-new car, damaged beyond recognition.

"The wildest thing is just understanding God's power. I mean what can be there can be gone so fast," said Pinjuv.

The Pinjuv's are native Nevadans, and now, they need help to get back on their feet. So, in step Shane's brother, John, and his trainer at the South Reno Athletic Club, ready to get the ball rolling.

"We had about two bags of clothes, and I thought, well, we'll put it on facebook and see if some of my bootcampers would bring some stuff in, too," said Bill Duvall, who owns Bill Duvall's Personal Training.

And they are, by the box-load.

"We actually had an amazing lady, one of my bootcampers, Kelly, she's going to put all the shipping on her account, to get it over there," said Duvall.

"The donations that are coming here, from Nevada, we're an old Nevada family, so, it's nice to see people coming together," said John Pinjuv, Shane's brother who lives in Reno.

The Pinjuv's say they plan to stay in Joplin and rebuild, and they need all the help they can get.

"I cannot believe how great people are in our country when things like this happen," said Shane Pinjuv, who says he doesn't know how he can begin to thank everyone.

The family is in need of everything as they start over, but they really need things like working computers and cell phones, and gift cards to places like Walmart and Target.

Donations can be dropped off at the South Reno Athletic Club, 9393 Gateway Drive Reno, NV 89521, until 2:00 PM on Saturday, May 28th.

After that, you can mail items to the family at this address:

Shane and Linn Pinjuv
615 Hampton Place
Joplin, MO 64801

You can also donate to a fund set up for them at the First Independent Bank of Nevada, Healing Moves Foundation, Shane Pinjuv Family Relief Fund, account number 8010378100.