Gunslingers Face Off in Fallon

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FALLON, Nv - Even the best of them wouldn't want to go up against these cowboys. This weekend in Fallon, shooters are vying for the title of fastest gun alive. It's the world championships of pulling a weapon, aiming and firing, all in under a second.

Take a step back to the old west where cowboy boots, a holster and a gun are required. Fallon this weekend is home to the fastest sport in the world.

"It's kinda an honor of the American old west," said Quick Cal, CEO of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association.

It's an homage to the wild-west duels; only here, they're wax bullets.

"Now that is moving as fast as live ammunition moves. We use real guns. No modifications," said Quick Cal.

The costumes are also real, but the names are fake. Hyde Hunter, Master Gunfighter and Stormy Weather, to name a few.

"It's the real people that you are actually meeting. It's who they actually want to be, so that is kinda interesting," said Cal.

Among their ranks are some of the best in the world; under half a second is considered a good time, but world records drop below 3/10ths of a second.

"Even after 40 years of shooting, I still miss periodically," said Master Gunfighter.

The world champions of this competition usually shoot around 50-thousand rounds a year.

In case you'd like to try it yourself, entrance is free this weekend at the Churchill County Fairgrounds.