Gun Stores Sell Out of AR-15s

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Carson City, NV - At the Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range, people are out target shooting with all kinds of guns.

Ray Marshall, who comes here four to six times a week, brought several handguns to the range today. What he didn't bring, though, is his AR-15. He knows, though, that's the rifle that is in high demand right now since there's talk in Washington, D.C. of banning its sales.

"Because, it's such a hew and cry about assault rifles. Which - they're not an assault rifle. They're just simply a semi-automatic rifle," he says.

A rifle, he says, is simply fun to shoot. But he hasn't seen any for sale in the last month.

"Yeah, you go to the stores and some of them that have had racks of like ARs be empty. Nothing there."

Like America West Guns on South Carson Street. The owner says the day President Obama came out talking about possible legislation to ban their sales, he sold out in three hours. And he sold more than 300 30-round magazines.

"They're buying up everything they can get their hands on," says Chester Parks, one of the owners of Nevada Gun Exchange, just up the street. He says you will see the same shortage just about anywhere in the country right now. Warehouses are out of AR's.

"There's nothing there," says Parks. "So they're just calling everybody to see if they can get what they can get their hands on."

Back at the shooting range, folks there say they wouldn't even put it past the government to try to take away their guns. But it's a fight they say they hope will never happen.

"That's going to be pretty difficult," says Roy Marshall. "There's a lot of people that have guns."

"All I can say is, I'll think about giving up mine if the authorities give theirs up first," says Guy Schneider, a Carson City gun owner.