Guard and Reservists' Employers Called Patriots

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Members of the National Guard and the Reserves are often called from their civilian lives to serve in uniform.

They couldn't do that without the support of their civilian employers.

"They are patriots just like the people in uniform," says Richard Dickerson of the Employers Supporting the Guard and Reserve. "They make the sacrifices in trying to cover their business and keep it going whether it's a large business or a small business, while their employees are out serving the nation or the state."

So, Wednesday about 50 of those employers were being hosted at a tour of the Air National Guard base at Reno Tahoe Airport. Each had been invited to the event by their guard or reserve employees.

It was a means of saying thanks and also to give them a glimpse of what their workers do when in uniform.

The sacrifices they and their employees make have been all the more challenging in recent years as the U-S military has used the Guard and Reserves extensively to supplement our armed forces around the world.

Some citizen soldiers have served multiple deployments lasting months or longer.

Even so, some employers will tell you hiring guard and reservists is more than just patriotic. It's good business.

"They understand safety," says Sue Hawkins of Allied Nevada Gold which operates gold and silver mines in Humboldt County.

"They understand what it takes to be safe on a mine site. They follow directions. They understand the importance of taking care of equipment. They're just all around great employees."

Hawkins, one of two representatives of her company at Wednesday's tour, says they even target returning guard and reservists at job fairs.