Grinch Visits Solitude Drive

RENO, NV - "Every morning the first thing I do before I get my cup of coffee, the first thing I do is check the candy canes; that seems to be everyone's target. And sure enough, I saw damage,” says homeowner Jeff Kendell.

And in these cold days of winter, you could say, this was only the tip of the iceberg of the destruction on the Christmas decorations outside of Jeff's home.

“They can't be repaired, they have to be replaced. So I'll have to pull the whole tree down Saturday,” says Jeff.

We've shown you Jeff's vision before Friday; hundreds of people visit it nightly

Jeff lived in Sparks back in 2007; the design made it all the way to Good Morning America.

Jeff says his vision all started when he was a little kid watching his dad put up the family display.

“That is what really got into me I had a bigger house more places to put the lights so I filled the void,” says Jeff.

Jeff says he and his neighbor have tried to keep up the tradition on Solitude Drive, but someone or more than one person wanted to ruin it.

Not only were Jeff's lines cut; his neighbor's decorations were also destroyed.

“They took their time to cut as many as they could. We found the penguin this morning, of course they just cut the line on it. We'll need Duct tape to repair its beak. They actually had to reach up here and get this one,” says Jeff when pointing to a clipped wire.

Despite all of this, Jeff says he's not discouraged, rather he's now determined more than ever to get the lights back up and running; he says that should happen by Saturday night.

“The show must go one. It will go on. I enjoy doing this, I know the people appreciate it. So its going to continue every year,” says Jeff.

A witness in the area says a silver midsized, possible Honda or Mazda was seen speeding away just fore three Friday morning.

If you have any information Secret Witness is offering a reward, call 322-4900.

Or contact Washoe County Sheriffs Office.