GreatCall to Hire Hundreds in Reno

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RENO -- GreatCall, a California-based wireless company, announced it's planning on hiring four-hundred in Reno during the next five years. The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada and GreatCall made the announcement at the Peppermill Resort on Monday.

"Thank you very much and welcome you and your company to the Nevada family," Governor Brian Sandoval, who attended the announcement event, said.

GreatCall is responsible for the Jitterbug cell phone and several apps. The company provides emergency assistance, and trained emergency call-takers will be hired in Reno, according to GreatCall.

The company said it will set up a facility, which includes an emergency response center, in south Reno. GreatCall said it plans to initially hire seventy-five people.

CEO David Inns said Reno was chosen over Kansas City, Texas and Michigan.

He said Nevada has an educated workforce and "business friendly environment." Inns added Reno is close to GreatCall's offices in San Diego.