Great Basin Launches New Bottling Equipment

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Northern Nevada's most popular craft beer is now available in bottles. In an effort to keep up with growing demand Great Basin Brewing Company has launched a high-speed bottling line at their Taps and Tanks location on South McCarran in East Reno.

Thursday was the first run for the equipment. Crews packaging a tank of their popular "icky" brew in the morning.

By the afternoon it was time to take on a tank of "Wild Horse".

Brewmaster Tom Young says the new high speed machine means the process doesn't take long. "Every seven seconds a bottle comes off that line when it's running at full blast," he says "we're actually running a little slower today to make sure we've got everything working properly, but when you fire it up, it will be pretty fast."

Young says since he started brewing in the early 1990's the demand for craft beer has doubled. He hopes this faster bottling system will allow them to keep up with the market, and expand further into neighboring states.

The public is invited to come into Great Basin Taps & Tanks, located on E. McCarran between Rock Blvd. and Mira Loma, during taproom hours, Thursday through Saturday 3pm-7pm, to view the new high-speed bottling line.

Great Basin will give away the first case of beer bottled from the new line to the winner of a raffle held at 6pm on May 9, 2013 at Taps & Tanks.

Winner need not be present to win. Brewery patrons will receive one entry for the raffle for every pint purchased from now until May 4, 2013 at the Great Basin Taps & Tanks location.

Great Basin beer, distributed by Southern Wine and Spirits, is currently available at both Great Basin brewery-restaurant locations, at their Taps & Tank location, and at over 400 restaurants, bars and retail stores in northern Nevada.