Great Basin Expands Once Again

RENO, Nev. One of the area's most popular micro brews is expanding once again, providing Northern Nevada with more of its favorite 'Icky' beer.

Great Basin Brewing Company has opened its third location where the Buckbean Brewing Co. use to sell their beer.

Tom Young, owner of Great Basin Brewing Company said they needed the new location to keep up with the production demands.

"Our friends keep getting thirstier and thirstier, so we opened our Reno location which we thought would satisfy production levels," he said. "But that didn't quite make it. We’ve maxed out capacity at both of our Sparks and Reno brewing facilities,"

But those familiar with the Great Basin restaurants will notice something different about this new location, and it inspired the name- Great Basin Brewing Co. Taps and Tanks.

"This is a factory," Young said. "You know, we're manufacturing beer right here."

You won't be able to order any food, but you will be able watch the brewing process up close and personal.

"It's just so cool," Tim Aragon, a long time customer of Great Basin said. "You have your fermenters running back here brewing all the beer that we're drinking right here at the bar."

The new location features a tap room in front of the building where customers can sip on the latest brews. But just a few feet from the bar gives the customers a chance to see the inner workings of the brewing process.

Young says they have a few more additions to make to the new location, including a few more fermenters, and a bottling machine that will bottle up to 80 beers a minute. Once these changes are made, the new location will become the main production factory.

Great Basin Brewing Co. Taps and Tanks is open Tuesday through Saturday. From now until December 11, if you bring in two non-perishable food items to donate to the Northern Nevada Food Bank, Great Basin will give you your second pint of beer for free.