Grassroots Books Latest Target of Vandalism

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RENO, Nev. -- A Reno bookstore is the latest victim of senseless vandalism, and it's not the first time it has been a target.

Brooke Williams arrived at work this morning to do a routine walk-through before opening the store. She never expected to find a big hole in the window and glass all over the floor.

"Just anger that someone would do that to a bookstore. We're just here to service the community," she said.

It took most of the day to clean up the mess. Grassroots books is the latest victim of what Williams thinks is malicious vandalism.

"It wasn't really fear so much as the worry for the financial implications for the store," she added.

For a small business, damage like this can be devastating.

"This kind of stuff can really set us back...This window repair is probably going to cost us $350, plus the manual labor that's been taken to clean it up and then maybe to track down whoever did this to file a police report," Geoff McFarland, Grassroots Books employee said.

It appeared that nothing was taken from the store; just a senseless act of vandalism.

"At first we weren't sure what it was caused by, but we did discover rocks among the glass so it was definitely deliberate," Williams said.

It's not the first time for Grassroots Books to be targeted. Back in 2009, the store was robbed at gunpoint. Employees hope that the support from the community will put an end to these crimes.

"We just hope that we can get enough love from the community that when unfortunate events like this happen, we can mitigate it with positive stuff," McFarland said.

Just a few weeks ago, the property was tagged, but instead of fighting back, they asked the community to paint artwork over the graffiti. With their help, they turned something negative, positive.

Grassroots is offering a reward of 100 books for anyone with information regarding this crime.