Graphic Political Ad to Air in Reno

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RENO, NV -- A graphic political ad focusing on abortion is set to air on local Reno TV channels. The ad is being put on by the Independent American Party candidate for congressional district two, Russell Best.

The ad shows graphic shots of fetuses while a narrator states: "President Obama has ordered all Christian institutions to pay for drugs that murder the unborn."

KOLO general manager Matt Eldredge said the station is required to air the ad. Federal guidelines mandate "federal candidates must be provided reasonable access to use broadcast stations during their candidacies." The same rule does not apply to state and local candidates.

"(The ad) is offered up by someone who never seriously stood a chance," Fred Lokken, a political science professor at TMCC, said. "It is designed to be controversial it is designed to grab attention," he said. Lokken said the ad appears to be drawing attention to the issue of abortion, rather than trying to get a candidate elected.

Washoe County Independent American Party chair Lynn Chappman said her party is rarely invited to participate in debates. She said ads are one of the few methods of getting the party's message out. "Truth is sometimes graphic, truth is sometimes shocking," she said of the visuals in Best's ad. She said the party is pro-life.

Management of channels two and four said air time had also been purchased on those stations by Best. The ad is scheduled to air on KOLO in a few days.