Grand Jury: Rival Gang Members Co-Defendants in Nugget Shootout

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The two Vagos and one Hells Angels gang members arrested following the shootout at the Nugget during Street Vibrations have been indicted with conspiracy and murder.

Court documents released today show Gary Stuart Rudnick, Ernesto Gonzalez both Vagos, and Cesar Villagrana a Hells Angel are listed as co-defendants in the September 23rd fight that ended with the shooting death of Hells Angels San Jose chapter president Jeffrey Pettigrew.

Even though the defendants are from rival motorcycle gangs, the Grand Jury of Washoe County found them to be co-conspirators.
This makes them equally responsible for the fight and the actions of everyone involved in it, regardless of what side of the fight they were on.

That includes second degree murder counts for Villagrana and Rudnick even though Gonzalez is the only one directly accused of shooting Pettigrew.

The ten count Grand Jury indictment includes murder, conspiracy, battery, concealed weapon, and other firearm counts.