Graduates And Their Job Prospects

RENO, NV - 34 nursing students received their pins this afternoon at Truckee Meadows Community College.

In front of proud family and friends, the students talked about their struggles and successes, and why they chose this profession.

“The big thing is the ability to help people and actually see the end result of what I've done to help them,” says Ty LaRiviere.

“I wanted to be trained to truly help people,” says Mary Orr.

While they'll be doing something they love, they also won't have to worry about a job.

Both have job offers.

And that's the case at least locally with nursing students and others who have taken courses and received degrees or certification in the trades like machining, dental hygiene, and diesel technician.

TMCC Job Placement Specialist Nancy Roe says there are other professions that aren't as rosey.

“Administrative professional there is a lot of competition there. A lot of people have experience as an assistant that were laid off. So there's a lot more competition in those areas like business...I.T is also competitive,”says Roe.

They may also be competing against preconceived notions.

A new Economic Policy Institute survey of managers shows a whopping 66% don't believe college grads are ready for the workplace.

They also say resumes are hurting grads before they ever make it in the front door for an interview.

Roe doesn't disagree.

“There is a huge need to learn to sell yourself to an employer,” says Roe.

Job market opportunities will in large part depend upon what major the student graduates.

However, they all will have advanced degrees which means they'll have a better shot at a job, than someone who does not.

The Bureau of Statistics says the unemployment rate for college grads stand at 6.9%.