Governor's Emergency Declaration May Prevent Break In Propane Delivery

RENO, NV - If you live in the Virginia Highlands high above the Truckee Meadows it's rural living.

That's why many residents up here are on propane tanks.

Used to heat homes and water and even cook food, many up here are on schedules which means their tanks are filled routinely.

Residents we talked to say they have seen no interruption in service.

And that's what Governor Sandoval's emergency proclamation is designed to prevent.

“For propane, no cooking, use it to heat up your garage, heat yourself up,” is how Allen Roseles describes his use for propane.

And apparently propane users in Northern Nevada are using more and more of the gas because of the cold weather.

Higher demand means propane suppliers have to deliver the goods.

But demand is so high the industry asked the governor to lift federal restrictions within Nevada that would allow drivers to stay behind the wheel longer and fulfill delivery orders on time.

The idea the industry says, is to avoid anyone from running out of propane, filling a tank requires more than just putting hose to tank.

What such a measure does however, is place a major responsibility on propane companies to keep track of their drivers.

If those drivers get tired or become sick after working extra hours, it is the company's responsibility to allow that driver to end his shift at that time.

This emergency declaration lasts for the next 15 days and only applies to propane truck operators.