Governor, Development Authority Claim Billion-Dollar Impact In Five Counties

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CARSON CITY, NV - In April of 2012, there were smiles and high fives as ground was broken on a new milk processing plant in Fallon.

The plant meant construction work and 45 new jobs.

Welcome news in an agricultural community and a region hungry for economic development.

Attracting the plant to this western Nevada community marked just one of the success stories in the effort to bring new industry and new jobs to the five counties covered by the Northern Nevada Development Authority.

Add all those stories up and, according to authority executive director Rob Hooper and Governor Sandoval, you get an economic impact of $one billion dollars over the past three years in the five counties the authority represents.

That translates to 4-thousand new jobs in Carson City, Lyon, Churchill, Storey and Douglas Counties.

Monday morning on the steps of the state capitol that benchmark was cause for a celebratory press conference.

The governor said it helped to remember what that billion dollars meant.

"That means people are employed. They're buying houses.They're buying services. They're going out to eat. It's a tremendous impact for this region of the state.'

Statewide in the past year, Nevada added 22,000 new jobs outpacing, the governor said, 34 other states in job creation.

That success he and Hooper said was due to a sales pitch that includes
a business friendly tax and regulation structure, a key geographic location and the northern Nevada lifestyle.

"We have the hiking, the hunting and we have the great outdoors, Hooper said. "Their employees want this and it's just a great place to live."

It is, they said, a very competitive climate out there and when they lose a prospective business looking to relocate, it's often a matter of money. Other states offer greater cash incentives.

That's often offset, however, by other factors.

Nevada's success is happening however, in the face of a looming ballot battle over a proposed margins tax. The governor says when he's asked about it, he answers he's opposing it.

Hooper says the proposed tax is a problem, however.

"No one wants to better fund our educational system more than me, he says, "but this isn't the way to do it.