Government Shutdown: Good News And Bad For Veterans

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RENO, NV - The government shutdown is causing concern and confusion among those who rely on its services.

For veterans, it's a mixture of good and bad.

The good news is the wing of the VA that provides medical care is funded on a separate cycle. That means Reno's Veterans Administration Medical Center and its clinics in Fallon, Minden and Susanvile will be operating as usual.

"If you have an appointment or if you need health care and you're enrolled in our hospital, please come in or please make your appointment because it's business as usual," says V-A spokesman Darin Farr.

VA medical facilities are funded through October of next year, so that's not going to change.

Across town at the V-A Benefits office it's a different matter. Funding for regional offices like this run out Monday. That means as of Tuesday they'll be closed.

Processing of claims already in the system will continue, but not for long. Funding will run out later this month if the shutdown continues.

The third branch of the V-A oversees National Cemeteries. Internments will continue at those sites on a reduced schedule.

There are no National Cemeteries in Nevada. The Veterans Cemetery in Fernley is not a federal facility. It's unaffected by the shutdown.