Got a Good Business Idea? Let the Reno Rebuild Project Know

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Reno, NV - A good crowd is building inside the Brewer's Cabinet. Only about four months old, it is the latest bar three childhood friends have opened up in Reno. It's a dream come true for Michael Connolly, Chris Kahl, and Zachary Cage.

But it wasn't easy getting financing from banks for their first bar. Michael Connolly says he needed to rely on family for help when he bought Legends Grill, Sports and Spirits. That's what inspired the guys to start the Reno Rebuild Project. They wanted to lend a hand to someone else who wants to build a business in the area.

"There aren't a lot of people that have those resources that we had. And can't go to the bank and want to have a small business and have a cool idea and this might be a way to get them going," says Michael Connolly.

Since the project started a year ago, a nickel from every sale at their four bars has gone into the Reno Rebuild Fund. Connolly says they've raised about $20,000. He says it's been a community effort.

"That's the coolest part about it," says Connolly. "We're not actually donating the money. The community, when they buy a product, five cents goes into the fund and so everyone's a part of it."

The project is now accepting applications from anyone with a good business plan. Its founders are working on assembling a committee of business owners to help choose the winner. The proposed business doesn't have to be a bar or restaurant, just a great idea that could add something to this area these business partners call home.

"We're just doing this because we love this area," says Chris Kahl, a business partner and co-founder of the Reno Rebuild Project. "We're all from here and we want to try and help people, help stimulate the economy, and start new businesses in the Reno Sparks area.

"Twenty-thousand isn't a lot of money," says Connolly, "but it's going to get someone going."

Whoever gets chosen as the winner will get a low-interest loan. As part of that deal, that person will have to pay it forward. Basically, when they pay that loan back, the money will go into the fund for the next winner.

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