Defense Rests in Nugget Shooting Trial

RENO, NV - “And then all of sudden, I see him starting kicking him and I thought F*** that, and I started with the gun and that's when I shot and I shot at both of them. Tried to get both because I didn't know," testified Ernesto Gonzalez.

Gonzalez described what happened on September 23rd 2011 at the Nugget in Sparks when a fight broke out between the Vagos and the Hells Angels.

He doesn't deny killing Pettigrew, but he says he did it to save a fellow Vagos Gonzalez claims was going to die at the hands of Pettigrew

Gonzales is a Vagos member from San Jose.

Pettigrew was the San Jose Hells Angels President.

Gonzalez testified he didn't know who Pettigrew was, and he knew of no so-called hit put out on the man.

He talked about why such a move would be impractical

“There's too much at stake. You have people that have families, uh, children, they have homes,” Gonzalez told the jury.

Under cross examination, Carl Hall pressed Gonzalez on his rendition of the night's events.

Hall had the defendant watch surveillance tape from the casino floor counting how many Vagos members there were that night, compared to Hells Angels.

Gonzalez claimed the fight was not planned and rested solely at the feet of fellow Vagos Gary Rudnick, whom he says instigated it.

“He injured a lot of us,” testified Gonzalez

“Let me ask how many Vagos does it take to stop one guy?” replied Hall.

The prosecution continued picking at Gonzalez's testimony.

Hall asked wasn't it a coincidence that the gun Gonzalez found in the casino was the same kind of gun he owned personally and that it was loaded ready to fire.

The prosecutor pointed at surveillance pictures of the defendant walking through the dance hall, gun in his hand, was he a man on a mission, the prosecutor asked?

“Why the hell do I have a gun in my left hand, when I am right handed?” asked Gonzalez

The defense rested after Gonzalez's testimony and the prosecution told the court its one rebuttal witness would be available Tuesday morning.